August 2015 Update

Hello family and friends,

It’s time for a little update!

We have been in Panama for 8 weeks now and things are going pretty well. We really love it here but we do greatly miss our friends and family at home in Colorado and the USA!



As a matter of fact last week we packed the boys into the car and made a 40 minute drive to the town of DAVID to go to the only McDonalds around here so that we can just “feel” like we were in the USA for a few minutes. And even though it is a real McDonalds, it isn’t quite the same. Everything is in Spanish, the sandwiches aren’t all the same, but the french fries do taste exactly the same….Ah bliss. Just for a few minutes kids. Close your eyes and enjoy eating at McDonalds!  Why do I say this with a bit of a chuckle? Because I used to abhor going to McDonalds. Now it is the only thing around here that reminds us of home! We’ve eaten twice here in 2 months… and I don’t feel guilty. 🙂

In Boquete, Panama, there are NO chain restaurants! Not one. There are no Subways. There are no KFC’s. There are no McD’s…     so we are eating much better and much healthier all around!  This is a good thing! We can get the chain foods if we want them bad enough, it just takes 40 minutes to get there, so it doesn’t happen very often.

IMG_1675 IMG_1676

Despite the culture shock/home sickness, which we were totally expecting, we are continually amazed with what we see here in Panama. Not only is there physical beauty everywhere, there is opportunity for those with vision and business minds. Panama seems to be about 20-30 years behind the USA in business ideas and infrastructure.

For example, they are just coming up with donut shops…. (Think Dunkin Donuts 20 years ago)… Erik and I see opportunities all over the place for businesses that would do well. This is an amazing place for people willing to risk a little and dream big!

Erik and I had an opportunity to get away for an evening with my brother Daniel and another friend who lives in Panama City. He took us to the old historical district where they are refurbishing these 350 year old buildings. We found an amazing little restaurant called Las Clementinas.  This restaurant/building is a part of the original city wall from 350-400 years ago and they have part of that wall in their restaurant. So cool!

IMG_1637 IMG_1640 IMG_1632

So… My brother got the first hectare of land purchased for a greenhouse! We have to wait 50-60 days for the title to transfer before we can start building. So, we are looking at some other farming opportunities in the meantime including leasing some hectares to grow carrots on without a greenhouse. Yee Haw! We are going to be farmers! 🙂

In the meantime I (Wendy) have been homeschooling the boys which is going fine. We have found a good house church to be a part of that we really like. I am actually leading worship for it as well. We are starting to settle in and trying to find our daily groove.

We got a kitten and have named her Bella. It has been a really good thing for the boys as they adjust to life here. She is such a sweet little girl and she was found starving out in the jungle by a couple at our church. She had had lots of tuna and milk from us and is plumping right up! She is a happy creature who cuddles and purrs a lot. We think she is happy to have a good place to call home.


My mom (Carrie) was supposed to move out here a few weeks ago. I flew in to get her and right before I got there she developed Vertigo and passed out. She has been in a rehab center ever since trying to recover. She has had good days and then not so good days. If you could say a prayer for her, we’d really like to get her well and here with us in Panama soon!

Well, that is all for now. Please send us an email to connect and let us know what is going on in your life as well! We send our love…

Erik, Wendy and the boys (and Bella)

One thought on “August 2015 Update

  1. Everett R. Daves says:

    Thank you for the update, it is very informative and appreciated. Saying prayers as you requested. Keep an eye on that cat. She has quite a set of teeth on her!
    Love you all!


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