Colorado Springs and Panama – 1 year anniversary!


{Wildflowers in the Black Forest outside Erik’s parents’ home}

Greetings family and friends!!!  I’m (Wendy) writing this blog update from my father and mother-in-law’s home in Colorado Springs. Tomorrow, the boys and I head back to Panama after a 3 week vacation to the USA. July 1st, 2015 was the date we moved to Panama and here it is a year later!

So much has happened in the past year, yet we are still at the beginning of our farm project and the other things we are involved in. It’s a good indication we will be there long term. But I have to say, being in Colorado was sooooo good for our souls! I know Panama is supposed to be “home” but I have to let you know, Colorado is still my place. Nothing beats the pine trees, fresh dry cold air, and the mountain views. It has been such a blessing to be be back. I feel refreshed and rested and now am ready to head back to Panama where lots of work awaits us.

Here are a few photos from our recent trip which took us to Utah, Kansas and Colorado:

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So speaking of Panama, 1/3rd of the farm is now finished and we just planted 10,000 baby pepper plants this week! It’s a big milestone for us! Here is a video update from my brother that will show you what it looks like inside the greenhouse:


And here are a few pictures taken this week:

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The workers are building the second section right now and we hope to have the third up and finished by Christmas. The heart of this project, after paying the bills, is to feed orphans and widows and to teach others how to build greenhouses in impoverished nations. We are working with Billion Soul Network and will be doing some training videos as well as bringing in individual pastors from countries like India, to show them how to build a greenhouse in their own community and provide food for their people. It’s an exciting project! This greenhouse project (1 hectare, 2.5 acres) is the pilot project. The next project (after this one is finished) is another 15 acres under greenhouse. So as you see, we will probably be here for a long time. There is much to do!

I have been involved with refugee work at the Costa Rica/Panama border and can’t wait to get back to that. There have been some changes since I have been gone with the camps and principally, the one I go to is being moved. So I need to get back and reconnect and find out how we can serve the best. While I was in the USA at the Young Living National Convention in Utah, the Young Living Foundation had heard about the refugee work I was doing and donated about $800 worth of essential oils for me to take back and use for the refugees. They gave me Thieves oil (supports the immune system incredibly), Lavender (supports healthy skin), Peppermint (supports digestive system), and Frankincense (a very valuable oil that supports healthy cell duplication). So thank you very much to Young Living for that awesome donation!!!

Three weeks in the States has been fabulous. It has been so nice to catch up with many friends and family members. We missed seeing Erik’s dad as he was already in Vermont for the Summer (We miss you Dad!), and there were a few people we weren’t able to connect with. Thanks to everyone who made time in their schedule for us and please keep in touch through Facebook and email this year. We send our love!